Spa Maintenance FAQ

  • How often do you have to change hot tub water?

    As a rule you should change your water every 3 to 4 months. Some times if the spa has had a lot of use it may be a good idea to change the water more often than this. The problem is TDS (Total dissolved solids), just like a cup of tea if you keep putting in sugar there will come a time that it just dose not dissolve. Same with a Hot tub if you keep adding chemicals to maintain the spa then there will come a time that it will be very hard to correct imbalances and keep sanitized. Thus causing the need to change the water from time to time for easier maintenance and a cleaner spa.
  • How do you clean a hot tub filter?

    Filters will over time clog with dirt and grease until they no longer allow water to flow through. When this happens jets can feel less strong and heaters may cut out. On a regular basis it is important to thoughly clean your filters. First of all remove the filter or filters from the spa and then soak for 24 hours in a bucket full of water and add filter cleaner. This will chemically brake down the grease so that when you remove from the filter cleaner and wash with a hose it will be back to new again.
  • Is there anything I can do to protect my hot tub cover from damage?

    The main factors in spa cover deterioration are sunlight, dirt, and acid rain. Fortunately, there are now great products available to protect and clean vinyl covers, and greatly extend their life. Select a cover protectant that contains a UV blocker for fade resistance and use a good cleaner such as Clean All. Regular use of spa cover protectant such as ‘303 Protectant’ will keep the vinyl supple, prevent cracking and fading, and seal out damaging moisture. Avoid products which contain silicone oil– these will actually cause premature failure of the vinyl, when exposed to sunlight.  We recommend 303 Protectant because it is the best product of its kind we have found, and is also Earth friendly. Don’t forget to clean and treat the inside surfaces of your cover as well– this is very important.
  • How do I clean / polish the hot tub shell surface?

    The best product to use for this is called ‘Off The Wall Surface Cleaner’.  Not only does it clean the dirt, grime, and buildup off the shell, but also applies a polish to help protect the shell from future buildup.
  • Is it OK to use car wax on my spa shell?

    No. Automotive waxes are designed for car finishes, and will not generally hold up in hot water conditions. Use a product designed specifically for acrylic or thermoplastic spas such as ‘Off The Wall – Pool & Spa Cleaner’.  This product is designed to remove dirt and chemical build up among other compounds.  This product also applies a polish to the shell that will help prevent future buildup.
  • Is there a service that will drain, clean and refill my spa?

    Yes. For a fee, Lifestyles Hot Tubs offer whats called a “Valet Service” for your spa.  We offer a couple different options for this service and do these year-round.  If you would like additional information about this service, contact one of the Lifestyles Hot Tubs showrooms or service department.
  • I am having trouble with insects and rodents in my spa. Do you recommend anything?

    The best method to prevent these nuisances are common deterants that are found at your local hardware store.  Depending on your chosen method there are various repellants and traps to help keep insects and rodents at bay.  Always make sure to seal any openings to your spa as best as possible.  The most common area is the spot where electrical is inserted to the spa.  Many times plugging these areas as best as possible will help control these critters from getting in.